Exceptional Student Education


Jennifer Barrow

ESE Director

Phone: (863) 679-6560

Email: Jennifer.Barrow@lwcharterschools.com

Syreeta Rusley

ESE Administrative Assistant

Phone: (863) 679-6560

Email: Syreeta.Rusley@lwcharterschools.com

Nancy Hancock

School Psychologist

Phone: (863) 679-6560

Email: Nancy.Hancock@lwcharterschools.com

Caroline Acevedo

Gifted & Talented Coordinator

Phone: (863) 679-6560

Email: Caroline.Acevedo@lwcharterschools.com

Michele Black

Referral Coordinator - Babson Park


Michaela Cook

Referral Coordinator - Bok North


Dezonia Williams

Referral Coordinator - Bok South


Tina Stegman

Referral Coordinator - Hillcrest


Elizabeth Borders

Referral Coordinator - Janie Howard Wilson


Beverly Riley

Referral Coordinator - LW High


Melanie Fletcher

Referral Coordinator - Polk Avenue


ESE Helpful Links
Contact: Lake Wales Schools' ESE Director Jennifer Barrow at (863)679-6560 or email at Jennifer.Barrow@lwcharterschools.com and she will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.
About ESE

Lake Wales Charter Schools’ Exceptional Student Education Department serves more than 800 students from Kindergarten through 22 years of age. They include students with various disabilities as well as gifted learners.

An exceptional student is one who has special learning or behavioral needs. Special assistance received in school is called Exceptional Student Education Services, ESE, or Specially Designed Instruction. Our goal is to provide every exceptional student with a free appropriate public education (FAPE), help them progress in school, and prepare for life after school. Some examples of support services include occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, mental health counseling, and Analytical Behavior Analysis.


ESE (Parent Involvement Council) PIC:

Lake Wales Charter Schools is excited about the growth and participation of our ESE PIC council. We are a group of ESE parents, educators and community members who want to educate ourselves and others on how to support our students with disabilities and how to access the many available resources. We also join forces with various state and local agencies, as well as state discretionary projects who support students with disabilities and help educate us and our parents/guardians on the many resources available to students with disabilities. Our meetings are quarterly and are currently virtual, but we may possibly have future meetings in person, which will allow us to participate in some hands-on activities. If you would like to join our meetings, please call Syreeta Rusley at (863) 679-6560 or email at Syreeta.Rusley@lwcharterschools.com and we will be happy to send you our meeting link or the actual location, time and agenda. Our goal is to continue to grow, nurture and empower our ESE PIC council to go out and not only support our children but have an impact on all children with disabilities. 


Parent Council Involvement Meeting Dates

January 20, 2021 - 5:30PM

March 31, 2021 - 5:30PM

May 19, 2021 - 5:30PM

ESE Newsletter & ESE Student Progress Reports to be sent home:

October 25, 2021

January 14, 2021

March 18, 2021

May 27, 2021

Disability Awareness Week 


ESE New Student Enrollment:

All Lake Wales Charter Schools follow our system enrollment policy. Once your child is officially accepted at one of our schools, please provide them with a copy of your child's current IEP (Individualized Education Plan), Section 504 Plan, or Gifted Plan. It is essential that students enrolling in one of our schools, following acceptance provide the school with the current IEP, 504 or gifted plan so the school can effectively deliver and ensure the fidelity and continuation of special education, 504 accommodations or gifted services are delivered at the highest level per the student's individual plan. 

ESE Services

What is the ESE eligibility process? 

Lake Wales Charter Schools works closely with each school's administration, Referral Coordinators and classroom teachers to monitor all student's progress. The school gathers data on all students and if they see there are concerns this is taken to the Multi-teared support system (MTSS) team at the school to discuss possible next steps. If you have a concern please reach out to the school administrator, the Referral Coordinator or your child's teacher and they will coordinate if needed with the ESE Director and school Psychologist. There is eligibility criteria for every exceptionality including gift, please refer to the DOE link below for the specific exceptionalities and the specific criteria. 



To learn more about Exceptional Student Education please refer to the link below:


Problem Resolution

If you have concerns about your child's classroom, placement, or Individualized Education Plan (IEP), the first person you should talk to is your child's teacher. Problems are most easiest resolved by the person who spends the most time with your child. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the teacher, you should next contact the Referral Coordinator or assistant principal. These two professionals may call upon the principal for assistance. It is very important that you talk to the principal before calling the District Office. The principal has the responsibility for the outcome of your child's education at that school and they need to know about issues or concerns. In most situations, the principal has the authority, capability, and responsibility for resolving concerns.

For your quick reference, each school's Referral Coordinator is listed on this page under Staff.