July 6, 2020

Dear Lake Wales Charter School Community,

To say that the past few months has been extremely difficult would be a huge understatement. The COVID -19 crisis has impacted every aspect of our lives regardless of who we are, where we live, our age, race, or any other factors. Many of our families have been overwhelmed by isolation, job loss, financial hardship, adverse health conditions, and even deaths from the virus. The March school closure was not only disruptive but brought with it lots of change to how schooling is implemented everywhere. The learning and adapting on the fly that our professionals experienced provided valuable assistance to students under the circumstance. However, as valiant as our efforts were to support students, we recognize our many shortcomings to the effort. We appreciate those of you who responded to the various surveys that we administered during the past few months. Your feedback has provided us valuable insight into some of our many challenges and opportunities to improve our work to educate Lake Wales Charter School students. Lake Wales like other school districts across the state has been working to finalize our reopening plans. Unfortunately, this effort has been hampered because the state’s budget had not been approved. Fortunately, the budget was signed into law by the governor Monday June 29, 2020. Barring nothing unusual happening between now and then, all Lake Wales Charter Schools will welcome a portion of their student population back on August 10, 2020 for a two-week trial opening. This trial opening with the select group of students from all LWCS will continue through August 21st. The trial will provide an opportunity for our professionals to test our procedures, to ensure that important systems are in place to meet the needs of students and staff, to establish routine and patterns (with the small group of students), and to identify challenges that must be addressed before officially opening schools for the entire population on August 24th. Parents of students participating in this limited academic offering from August 10 through August 21, will be contacted directly by their school. There is so much that we are learning in the process of dealing with this crisis. Every effort will be made to consider the health and well-being of our students, staff, and the public that we serve. We believe the additional time will be a valuable aide towards this effort.


Dr. Jesse L. Jackson, Superintendent

Lake Wales Charter Schools