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To enhance the quality of education for every student in our schools by providing educational opportunities and financial support for the Lake Wales Charter Schools.

Our vision mirrors the Lake Wales Charter Schools, which is to create one learning community of great schools where ALL students flourish and reach their full potential.

About Us
The Lake Wales Charter Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides financial support for the Lake Wales Charter Schools.  Founded in 2004, the LWCS Foundation has raised millions of dollars through the beautiful support of generous individuals, companies, and civic organizations in our community to support our schools and students of the Lake Wales Charter Schools.  The LWCS Foundation has a separate Board of Directors from the Lake Wales Charter Schools, and it is made up of community volunteers dedicated to providing our schools with the resources needed to continuously make enhancements and improvements that they need to provide all students with the best education.  Our goal is to help the Lake Wales Charter Schools be an outstanding, achieving K12 educational system to ensure that our students reach their full potential, remain competitive in an increasingly global marketplace, and become successful, productive citizens in our society.

Board of Directors:
• TJ McKeon, Chairman
• Dr. Wayne Rodolfich, Secretary
• Alricky Smith, Treasurer
• Marie Cherrington-Gray, Recording Secretary*
• Matthew Cain
• Patrick Cain
• Carol Collins
• Ruth Freeman
• Robin Gibson
• Brenna Hodach
• Henry McCance
• Thomas McCance
• Dr. Thomas McKeon, Jr.
• Violeta Salud
• Kyle Story
• Larry Updike
• Keith Wadsworth
*Non-voting board members